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Comprehensive hinge programme for all fields of application:
Different hinge systems are available for selection with varying design, assembly and easy adjustment options. A number of special hinges are also available for various applications along with standard hinges with different opening angles.
CLIP top
Clip top, the hinge system that satisfies high demands related to design, comfort, ergonomic form and function. CLIP top is based on the CLIP mechanism, which has proved itself a million times.
Tool free assembly of hinge arms on the mounting plate - up to 60 percent faster assembly time than with regular hinges.

The versatile hinge program when economic efficiency is the priority.

Standard Doors

Standard hinges with opening angles between 107° and 170°.

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium frame door hinges with 95° and 120° opening angles and/or the special aluminium frame door hinge for clamping.

Angled Situations

Angled hinges for angle applications between -50° to +50°.



BLUMOTION for doors

BLUMOTION for doors can now be used to equip cabinets with doors - taking high quality to another level. This perfect movement provides more comfort and convenience with its silent and effortless operation.

Profile or Thick Doors

CLIP top profile door hinge with 95° opening angle.


Blind Corner Construction

For blind corner construction
Blind corner hinges with short and long hinge arms, and blind corner hinges for blind corner overlay situations.

Cristallo Glass Hinges
The new Cristallo system from Blum is ideally suited to glass and mirror doors. In combining Blum's proven 'Clip' technology with the latest adhesion solutions, assembly could not be more secure.
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